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July 23, 2019

Is It Your First Time Investing In Real Estate?

Getting involved in the world of property buy and sell can feel overwhelming, especially among first-time investors. To many, the challenge is in the many things that need to be
February 14, 2020

Primary Homes Makes Every Homeowners Dream a Reality Through Richwood Homes Series

Owning a home has become something more than just a place where you settle and raise your kids, it has become an investment that you hope to leave as a
September 3, 2019

Say What and Chill Now? Here’s Your Guide to the Best Streaming Subscriptions

With internet-based entertainment increasingly accessible, more people these days are cord-cutting—that is, cancelling their cable or satellite television services in favor of streaming content online.  After all, what’s not to
September 2, 2019

Investment Pieces for Every Room in Your Home

From the sanctuary that is your bedroom to memorable dinners at your dining area, every room in your home has its purpose. As you’ll be spending a lot of time
September 24, 2020

Royal Oceancrest Mactan -Your Gateway. Your Getaway.

Royal Oceancrest Mactan. Your Gateway. Your Getaway.   From your reliable partner comes another grand undertaking. Primary Homes is proud to bring to you Royal Oceancrest Mactan, the first mixed-use

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